We all deserve to breath Clean Air

Clean Air AOP Air Treatment Technology
Clean Air AOP DeskAir

Clean Air AOP DeskAir: the latest development in air treatment technology

Clean Air AOP technology utilizes a high intensity broad spectrum light waves directed on a sintered catalytic radiant grid, which creates an advanced radiant catalytic air ionization that is radiated through a room in complete silence.

Results: Microbials, gases and odours are oxidized and eliminated from the air we breathe.

– No fan
– No moving parts
– No maintenance
– No filters
– Ultra low operating cost (only 11 watts)
– Safe ions and oxidants silently travel throughout room
– Oxidizes bacteria, mold, viruses and VOC’s.
– Oxidizes gases and odours
– Purifies the air up to 74 square meters (in 24 hours)
– Provides clean fresh air


Product specifications:
Clean Air AOP DeskAir